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What is Findberry site search?

Findberry is an internal site search service that enables web developers and site owners easily add professional, ad-free search engine to their websites so that their visitors can find content faster and easier.

How is Findberry special?

Findberry site search delivers all features that most customers would ever need, at a better price on better terms and in a friendlier manner. Our service is intuitive and straightforward.

How Findberry works?

1. Sign up by filling a simple web form

Personalized HTML code will appear on your screen. Our site search systems will start analyzing your website in the background.

2. Insert the HTML code in your website

You can adjust the HTML code to fit your needs. For most sites, search will be up and running within 5 minutes.

3. Customize design and options (if you want to)

Set options and enter your own design template in HTML format. For paid packages, pay within 10 days if you like how it works.

Why my website needs search?

Help visitors find what they are looking for

Use of search has become a habit of many internet users. Moreover, internal search engine protects against possible flaws in your navigation.

Retrieve valuable analytics

Find out what is that your visitors want but cannot easily find. Learn what new product features or services your visitors may be looking for.

Why use Findberry search engine?

Save your time, add search in 5 minutes

With Findberry you do not have to spend any time on installing, configuring and maintaining own internal website search engine software.

Save money

There are no setup or development expenses. What is more, Findberry offers best value among site search services.

100% risk free, no commitments

No long term commitments. You simply pay month-to-month. You can cancel or upgrade any time.

Interested? Try Findberry site search risk-free!